Ibrahim Mahmoud
Ibrahim Mahmoud
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Immigrants and the utilization of hospital emergency departments
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Believable NPCs in serious games: HTN planning approach based on visual perception
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Diabetes risk score in the United Arab Emirates: a screening tool for the early detection of type 2 diabetes mellitus
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Language and utilisation of emergency care in Q ueensland
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Utilisation of hospital emergency departments among immigrants from refugee source-countries in Queensland
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The FTO rs9939609 “A” allele is associated with impaired fasting glucose and insulin resistance in Emirati population
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Statin-induced myopathy SLCO1B1 521T> C is associated with prediabetes, high body mass index and normal lipid profile in Emirati population
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What is the chance all your trainees will pass the next Fellowship exam: A statistician's view
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of Manuscript
KH Chu, MS GCBiostat, TE Howell, MES BEcon, G Keijzers, JS Furyk, ...
Group OSCE (GOSCE) as a formative clinical assessment tool for pre-clerkship medical students at the University of Sharjah
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atraumatic subarachnoid haemorrhage: a prospective cases series
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Haemolysis after a traumatic spinal tap: a laboratory simulation
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