Daniel Rubenson
Daniel Rubenson
Department of Politics, Ryerson University
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The Source of Turnout Decline: New Values or New Contexts?
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Accounting for the age gap in turnout
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Participation and politics: Social capital, civic voluntarism, and institutional context
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Democratic Competition Increases Political Participation
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Canadian war deaths in Afghanistan: Costly policies and support for incumbents
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Strategies for dealing with the problem of non-overlapping units of assignment and outcome measurement in field experiments
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Does the Context Fit the Outcome? When (or Where) Racial Context Should Affect Politics
C Wong, J Bowers, D Rubenson, M Fredrickson, A Rundlett
Symposium on Politics, Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity (SPIRE) conference …, 2012
The Trace
MW Wong
Discrete Fourier Analysis, 87-94, 2011
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