Safaa Eldin H. Etaiw (0000-0002-9579-3597)
Safaa Eldin H. Etaiw (0000-0002-9579-3597)
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Tanta University
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Synthesis, spectral, antimicrobial and antitumor assessment of Schiff base derived from 2-aminobenzothiazole and its transition metal complexes
EHAEZEAA Safaa El-din H. Etaiw, Dina M. Abd El-Aziz
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WCO biodiesel production by heterogeneous catalyst and using cadmium (II)-based supramolecular coordination polymer additives to improve diesel/biodiesel fueled engine…
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Diesel/biodiesel/silver thiocyanate nanoparticles/hydrogen peroxide blends as new fuel for enhancement of performance, combustion, and Emission characteristics of a diesel engine
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Study of diesel-biodiesel blends combustion and emission characteristics in a CI engine by adding nanoparticles of Mn (II) supramolecular complex
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Structure, characterization and inhibition activity of new metal–organic framework
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Three‐dimensional coordination polymers based on trimethyltin cation with nicotinic and isonicotinic acids as anticancer agents
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Structure, characterization and anti-corrosion activity of the new metal–organic framework [Ag (qox)(4-ab)]
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New supramolecular organotin (IV)/-copper (I) cyanides containing the unique {CuI2 (μ-CN) 2} building block
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European journal of medicinal chemistry 46 (11), 5370-5378, 2011
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