R Krishnapriya
R Krishnapriya
Post Doctoral Researcher UAEU, IIT Jodhpur
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Energy-efficient, microwave-assisted hydro/solvothermal synthesis of hierarchical flowers and rice grain-like ZnO nanocrystals as photoanodes for high performance dye …
R Krishnapriya, S Praneetha, AV Murugan
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Energy efficient, one-step microwave-solvothermal synthesis of a highly electro-catalytic thiospinel NiCo 2 S 4/graphene nanohybrid as a novel sustainable counter electrode …
R Krishnapriya, S Praneetha, AM Rabel, AV Murugan
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Investigation of the effect of reaction parameters on the microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of hierarchical jasmine-flower-like ZnO nanostructures for dye-sensitized …
R Krishnapriya, S Praneetha, AV Murugan
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R Krishnapriya, C Nizamudeen, B Saini, MS Mozumder, RK Sharma, ...
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Lithium-free batteries: needs and challenges
S Ponnada, MS Kiai, R Krishnapriya, R Singhal, RK Sharma
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Microwave-solvothermal synthesis of various TiO 2 nano-morphologies with enhanced efficiency by incorporating Ni nanoparticles in an electrolyte for dye-sensitized solar cells
R Krishnapriya, S Praneetha, AV Murugan
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Role of ZnO in ZnO Nanoflake/Ti3C2 MXene Composites in Photocatalytic and Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
B Saini, H K, D Laishram, R Krishnapriya, R Singhal, RK Sharma
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Highly selective Co3O4/silica-alumina catalytic system for deoxygenation of triglyceride-based feedstock
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Unveiling the Co2+ Ion Doping-Induced Hierarchical Shape Evolution of ZnO: In Correlation with Magnetic and Photovoltaic Performance
R Krishnapriya, S Praneetha, S Kannan, A Vadivel Murugan
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Nitrogen-Enriched Carbon Nanobubbles and Nanospheres for Applications in Energy Harvesting, Storage, and CO2 Sequestration
D Laishram, KP Shejale, R Krishnapriya, RK Sharma
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Algae: BiomassBiomass to BiofuelBiofuels
VK Soni, R Krishnapriya, RK Sharma
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Photovoltaic performance of MOF-derived transition metal doped titania-based photoanodes for DSSCs
C Nizamudeen, R Krishnapriya, MS Mozumder, AHI Mourad, ...
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Catalytic conversion of methyl oleate to hydrocarbons: impact of cobalt oxide species integration in SiO 2–Al 2 O 3
R Krishnapriya, U Gupta, VK Soni, RK Sharma
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KOH mediated hydrothermally synthesized hexagonal‐CoMn2O4 for energy storage supercapacitor applications
T Ramachandran, AHI Mourad, RK Raji, R Krishnapriya, N Cherupurakal, ...
International Journal of Energy Research, 2022
A Sustainable Palladium‐Intercalated Montmorillonite Clay Catalytic System for Imine Hydrogenation under Mild Conditions
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DN Joshi, R Krishnapriya, TB Korukunda, RA Prasath
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K Ramachandran, U Gupta, D Kumar, D Laishram, RK Sharma
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Activated hollow and solid carbon spheres for enhanced removal efficiency of pharmaceutical pollutants and heavy metals in water
D Laishram, D Kumar, V Kant, B Saini, KP Shejale, R Krishnapriya, ...
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Recent Advances in Synthesis of Metal–Carbon Nanocomposites and Their Application in Catalytic Hydrogenation Reactions
P Sharma, R Krishnapriya, PR Sharma, RK Sharma
Advanced Heterogeneous Catalysts Volume 1: Applications at the Nano-Scale …, 2020
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