Alan M. Jacobs
Alan M. Jacobs
Professor of Political Science, University of British Columbia
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Governing for the long term: Democracy and the politics of investment
AM Jacobs
Cambridge University Press, 2011
When policies undo themselves: Self‐undermining feedback as a source of policy change
AM Jacobs, RK Weaver
Governance 28 (4), 441-457, 2015
Process Tracing the Effects of Ideas
AM Jacobs
Process Tracing: From Metaphor to Analytic Tool, 2015
How do ideas matter? Mental models and attention in German pension politics
AM Jacobs
Comparative Political Studies 42 (2), 252-279, 2009
Mixing methods: A Bayesian approach
M Humphreys, AM Jacobs
American Political Science Review 109 (4), 653-673, 2015
Seeing difference: market health reform in Europe
A Jacobs
Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 23 (1), 1-33, 1998
The politics of when: Redistribution, investment and policy making for the long term
AM Jacobs
British Journal of Political Science 38 (2), 193-220, 2008
Why do citizens discount the future? Public opinion and the timing of policy consequences
AM Jacobs, JS Matthews
British Journal of Political Science 42 (4), 903-935, 2012
Negotiating agreement in politics
J Mansbridge, CJ Martin
Washington DC: American Political Science Association, 2013
Institutional Development in the US Social Security Program
A Jacobs
Explaining institutional change, 94-132, 2010
Policy attitudes in institutional context: Rules, uncertainty, and the mass politics of public investment
AM Jacobs, JS Matthews
American Journal of Political Science 61 (1), 194-207, 2017
Policy making for the long term in advanced democracies
AM Jacobs
Annual Review of Political Science 19, 433-454, 2016
Inequality and Electoral Accountability: Class-Biased Economic Voting in Comparative Perspective
T Hicks, AM Jacobs, JS Matthews
The Journal of Politics 78 (4), 1076-1093, 2016
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AM Jacobs, S Teles
Creating Competitive Markets: The Politics of Regulatory Reform. Marc Landy …, 2007
A Matter of Trust: Cognition, Institutions and the Sources of Credible Commitment
A Jacobs
American Political Science Association annual meeting, Washington, DC, 2005
Transparency in qualitative and multi-method research: A symposium
T Büthe, AM Jacobs, E Bleich, R Pekkanen, M Trachtenberg, K Cramer, ...
Qualitative and Multi-Method Research: Newsletter of the American Political …, 2015
Conclusion: Research transparency for a diverse discipline
T Büthe, A Jacobs
Qualitative and Multi-Method Research 13 (1), 52-64, 2015
Governing for the long term: Democratic politics and policy investment
AM Jacobs
Harvard University, 2004
Backing into the Future: Reconceiving Policy Reform as Intertemporal Choice
A Jacobs
annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, Chicago …, 2004
Transparency in Qualitative and Multi-Method Research: A Symposium
T Buthe, AM Jacobs, E Bleich, R Pekkanen, M Trachtenberg, K Cramer, ...
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